Finding out the answer to what is eczema, was the first step we took on our journey of discovery which we hoped would help us all, especially ease the suffering of our daughter. It was incredibly upsetting to see someone you love so much suffering so much from something which you simply have no control over.

Eczema Cure

Initially we thought only of a eczema cure, whereby we could find something that would take the pain and suffering away forever. Maybe a tablet or a special cream which would stop the itchiness, the scratching, the infections and give my daughter normality.

This wasn't the case with eczema, as we found out, eczema can be controlled but not cured. Generally speaking eczema tends to be a genetic condition passed on from parents to their children, so unless the 'eczema gene' can be removed, the chances of not passing on eczema to children is limited.

Whilst we were disappointed on learning this is, we took comfort in knowing that at least eczema could be controlled and it wasn't the end of the world. Just because it couldn't be cured didn't mean that all therefore was lost, there were ways of overcoming the problems we were facing and these were not going to be solved overnight.

I think this is the first major step anyone suffering or dealing with eczema needs to realise, that eczema is still very much an unknown and even some of our greatest minds out there, who have researched extensively into eczema, are still are many many years from trying to cure eczema.

This doesn't mean all is lost, as eczema can be controlled, as we did with our daughter's eczema. This gave us solace and restbite from the traumatic experiences of dealing with the pain and suffering endured by our little girl.