Varicose eczema

What is varicose eczema?

My father-in-law suffers from ulcers and it's thought that the ulcers may have had been caused from varicose eczema. This form of eczema generally affects the lower legs and occurs around the skin over the varicose veins. The main reason for this type of eczema is generally based on poor circulation, which is thought to be down to age and/or being overweight.

It is believed the valves in the varicose veins become faulty which allow the blood flow to occur in the wrong direction, leading to the eczema, generally forming around the ankles.

Symptoms include,

 • speckling of the skin around the ankles

 • itchiness

 • inflammation

Without treatment the skin can break increasing the chances of an ulcer and I think this is what happened to my father-in-law.

Once an ulcer forms, it can be very difficult to treat the ulcer. My father in law spent months going to hospital as an outpatient, where he regularly had his ulcer cleaned and new bandages applied. Antibiotics themselves just didn't work and it was only down to the regular cleaning and bandaging the ulcer which managed to heal my father in laws ulcer. Amazing what can start off as a few speckles of varicose eczema.