There are many different types of eczema and in this and the following sections I will look at some of the commonest forms and differentiating them. Later on, I will describe the measures I took to deal with some of these forms of eczema.

You should consult your doctor/physician to discuss eczema and the treatments for eczema.

It's important to realise that we are not doctors or suitabily qualified to give medical advice, so it's vitally important to discuss any treatment or even just advice from your doctor, as they are best placed to offer this.

In light of this, we describe only how we dealt with our daughters eczema and this was done with the full knowledge of our doctor, who provided us with incredible support throughtout those difficult days.

When we tried anything new, we'd always run it past our doctor and whilst on many ocassions our doctor couldn't see the relevance of what we were trying to do, they at least said that there was no harm in not trying the approach we were looking at, even if that meant it was contradictory to 'western' medical ideals, as most of the treatments such as homeopathy were.

Our Research

During our research into my daughters eczema, I was surprised to find out so much about many forms of eczema. I had thought of it only being the same as the eczema our daughter suffered but there were other forms which I wouldn't have even thought of classing as eczema related.

I think it's important before setting of on a journey of discovery to at least find what the journey may be about. Otherwise it becomes the blind leading the blind, resulting in wasted effort and time.

In our quest to look at the different types of eczema, we first looked at atopic eczema.

Next we looked at infantile seborrhoeic eczema which as the name suggests affects young children.

In the section irritant contact dermatitis, I look at which can be similar to allergic contact dermatitis.

Varicose Eczema is another form of eczema prevalent in my extended family and affects my father in law. However, he isn't affected by Discoid Eczema which seems to have skipped a generation in his case.