The arrogant dermatologist


We've seen some pretty good dermatologists over the years, those who have not only given us some sound advice but have also shown compassion to our combined predicament of having to deal with our daughter's eczema.

However, there is always an exception when we found ourselves having to go to the hospital for a check-up appointment, which was conducted by a dermatologist we had not met before.

We were called in to the office at the hospital to speak to the dermatologist and afterwards upon reflection, I particularly found their attitude quite arrogant whilst my husband noted the total lack of compassion shown.

Eczema inquisition

During the consultation we felt as though we were part of some inquisition to single us out as bad parents. The dermatologist was an Indian who had been in the UK for a few years. The more we spoke with him, the more I felt, this person needs to seriously get off their high horse.

"Who told you that, who told you that?"

Was their response when we told them what we were trying and this questioning made us feel very uncomfortable. When I said, I was bathing my daughter every other day, instead of asking why we were doing this, we were instead greeted by,

"Who told you that, who told you that?"

Everything we did or had done, was greeted by a chorus of,

"Who told you that, who told you that?"

I was so glad when the consultation was over and we could leave their office.

Incorrect reporting

A few weeks later, we went to see the doctor about a change in my daughter's eczema and we told our doctor how unsatisfied we were with the consultant at the hospital.

On reading the report written by the consultant, our doctor said, they had written that we were not creaming our daughter with moisturising creams for eczema and this was making her skin drier and causing her eczema to get worse.

The absolute cheek of this moron who calls himself a dermatologist! How dare they say we were not applying eczema creams! It made me so angry, especially as we had been moisturising our daughter's skin regularly throughout the day.

It's a completely energy zapping experience, trying to ensure our daughter is moisturised at least 3 times a day and more, if her skin is particularly dry.

This consultant had not listened to a single word we had said especially the parts about how we are moisturising my daughter's skin regularly. This arrogant excuse of a dermatologist was only interested in blowing his own trumpet,

"Oh yes, my daughter had eczeema and it was gone with the regular application of cream."

My thoughts were, I do not care about your daughter and how easy it was for her eczema to disappear, this is here and now, can you help us or not?

Case closed

They could not help and had shown no compassion, whilst trying to make it look like it was mine and my husband's fault.

I was distraught by the behaviour of such a pompous, arrogant, know it all, callous individual! Even our doctor was not happy at the way we had been treated and over why the consultant had closed our case, by stipulating it was our fault for not regularly moisturising our daughter's skin.

Our doctor reopened the case and sorted out another appointment with a different dermatologist. Thank god, we won't have to see the, "who told you that" idiot again.