Shampoo for eczema?

At last we have found a shampoo for eczema, which has been brilliant in not only sorting out the itchiness in the scalp but is gentle too.

My daughter not only suffers with eczema on her body but, has also developed it on her scalp. This has stopped my daughter for scratching her scalp continuously and therefore no more flakes on her head. It is however, only available through a doctor on prescription, it is called Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo.

Only a small amount is needed which lathers very quickly. Then it is massaged into the scalp and left for a few minutes before it is washed out.

Adults too

The shampoo is also suitable for adults who suffer from eczema. Regularly used, it does calm the need to scratch your scalp. A conditioner may be needed, depending on the current condition of the users hair. I suggest using a conditioner with the least amount of ingredients.

Too many chemicals will not ease an itchy scalp. An additional tip, do not put conditioner on the scalp, only on the hair.

Regular use

Regular use is required, with the shampoo even though the scalp may have recovered. Different brands of conditioners may need to tried before finding one that not only works with the Capasal shampoo but is also suitable.

Returning to a previous brand of shampoo may result in your eczema returning so I suggest continuing with the Capasal shampoo to get some relief from an itchy scalp.