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This website is my account of how I dealt with my daughter's eczema, along the way my husband helped immensely in getting through the difficulty, the suffering and at times the despair.

As a 'first-time' parent, it's probably the hardest thing you could go through. No parent wants to see their child suffer and not being able to help their child at all, is the worst part. When your child starts to scratch, there is nothing you can do to ease their pain and suffering, making you feel useless!

Other parents do not appreciate how difficult it is bringing up a child who suffers with eczema. For one, they don't sleep at night and have no sleep pattern at all. I got fed-up with other parents boasting about how well their child sleeps throughout the night. They should swap places and then they would appreciate the bags under my eyes, how tired I look every day.

The worse thing about sleepless nights was how guilty you would feel. Shouting at your child, your poor innocent baby. There would be times when no matter what I did, I just couldn't help her. I'd go through stages where I would just sit there and cry with her. This was the worst times ever.

You should consult your doctor/physician to discuss baby eczema and the treatments for it and the detail given in this website is about our personal experience and in no way constitutes a medical opinion.

Eczema in babies, what can you do?

I've briefly described the pages of information available in this website, so you can quickly see relevant sections. Please also check out my blogs and news section.

In our quest to understand eczema in babies we looked at various options. Starting with a visit to our doctor.

Understanding, what is eczema, is the first step

What is eczema? It's important to understand the facts first. As this makes it easier to appreciate what can help and what can't.


Types of eczema. There are many types and this section looks at highlighting the common types.


We tried many different creams and the our level of success with them varied considerably. Some brought immediate relief from itching, whilst others just didn't work.

Baby eczema clothing really helped make a big difference

Some of the biggest improvements in my daughter's eczema were realised from using specialist eczema clothing. As well as overcoming sleep deprivation from eczema.

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Food allergies

May be there were food allergies causing the eczema problems? But how could we find out which foods were causing the problem? We decided to look at Vega Testing to see whether we could isolate the culprits and later on we looked at blood tests.


Chinese herbal medicine and whether it could help with eczema was looked at, as well as other herbal remedies to see whether these could give us, what we were looking for when it came to baby eczema treatment.

More info

Staying calm can help reduce the itching and scratching, as the less children get upset, the less aggravated they become. Cleanliness is important and I look at bathing this can actually increase skin dehydration and promote further itching. Some people look for eczema pictures to find out more.

When there's eczema on the face, this can be very difficult to hide and psychologically it can affect children as well as their parents.

Not all rashes are eczema and it makes sense to know whether a rash is more serious than just a skin condition.

We recently went to see an allergy specialist and were amazed by the results. Including skin patch tests to determine what was causing the allergic reactions. Plus, how using antihistamines, helped reduce the scratching and helped promote better sleep.

This eczema website is updated regularly, so please do visit the website again.