Eczema Wet Wraps

Wet wraps

Eczema wet wraps was a procedure which was actually advised to us by our health visitor, who I have to say was a great support in our times of need.

During these times when the eczema onset was particularly bad, our health visitor suggested using the wet wraps to aid our daughter's skin to heal whilst calming down the scratching.

To be honest the procedure was simple enough, we had a roll of bandage, which was like a stretchy bandage, one size for her arms and one size for her legs. I had to measure, length wise, how much you needed to cover the arms and cut out the length required for the legs.

I'd then soak the bandages in luke warm water and put them on my daughters arms and legs. I'd leave them on for a few hours, but never let them dry up. I used the wet wraps twice a day and I have to say that they did really help, my daughters' scratching decreased and her skin actually began to heal. Although I didn't initially think this procedure was help much, but it really did make some difference.

I think by keeping the skin cool, it deters the child from scratching and therefore gives time for the body to repair itself as its not continuously being scratched. Combined with the specialist pyjamas we used, the scratching subsided to a level where we actually started to see real progress. I thoroughly recommend using eczema wet wraps.