Trying to find the right eczema treatment can be a minefield. Some treatments we found just didn't work and were just designed to prey on our vulnerability to find something to ease our daughter's pain.

Whilst other treatments were quite effective and did bring relief to my daughter's suffering. Particularly the use of specific emollients such as Epiderm and wet wraps.


The most important aspect in our quest to find Eczema Treatments was to understand there is no cure for eczema. Our doctor had explained to us, that our daughter's eczema was probably hereditary, so any treatments with such outlandish claims such as being a cure for eczema, were ignored.

Running this website, results in a whole host of people contacting me about their eczema cures, which they want me to include on the Baby Eczema Help website. All of these people are trying to make a quick buck out of peoples suffering and I point blank refuse to endorse their 'quack' products on my website.


Our doctor advised us to use Epiderm, firstly in conjunction with another cream and then on it's own. We now take some of this, everywhere we go, as it's become an indispensable part of our daughter's life.

We found epiderm to be an excellent skin moisturiser, as it was very greasy and even trying to wash it off my hands took plenty of scrubbing.


We have also used Diprobase and this was initially in conjunction with Epiderm, as advised by our doctor. It's more of a cream than a sticky emollient like Epiderm and it helped keep my daughter's skins moisturised.

Again with any products you plan to use, my advise is to get professional qualified medical advice first. I've heard horror stories of people trying a whole host of treatments, which have caused more pain and suffering than they were supposed to alleviate.


As my daughter has grown, we've had various tests carried out, some have a scientific base, others well, have been desperation on our behalf.

One of the tests was a blood test, carried out by our local hospital which tested whether any food types in my daughter's blood were causing an increased reaction from her immune system.

The preliminary results have shown wheat may be a problem and we are therefore working with a Paediatric Dietitian on how we can minimise the effects of wheat by cutting this out of my daughter's diet.

To me, this is probably going to be the most effective eczema treatment for my daughter's eczema than any form of medicine. As we are looking at reducing the causes of her inflammation instead of trying to reduce the effect of her inflammation.