Eczema Recipes

Food intolerances

Our daughter was recently diagnosed with allergies to wheat, nuts, soya and eggs. This initially made meal times a headache, especially when we wanted to eat out, as most of her favourite foods like pasta and pizza contained wheat.

Worse still, her ocassional treats, like chocolate contained emulsifiers made from soya (soya lecithin).

Not be deterred, we set out to transform our daughter's diet (after consultation with the Paedatric Dietician) and spent weeks, trying to find the right substitutes like sausages which were wheat free and flour which could be used to make wraps without distintegrating.

Then I had a thought, may be I could include some of the recipes I'd used along with the products I'd used, so other people could save themselves the headache of trying to find the right ingredients.

My list of recipes, will be added to this web page, in the coming weeks.

Please consult your doctor (physician) before undertaking any program of dietary change.