It all started with a little rash on my daughter's eye lid a few days after she was born. Little did we to know it was the first signs of eczema.

During the following weeks, the eczema seemed as though it was spreading but in reality it was the skin in certain areas of my daughter's body drying more than normal skin would do.

Meningitis rash

It's very important to understand some rashes which can appear are more dangerous than others. So whilst an eczema rash in itself isn't generally classed as life threatening, a rash induced by meningitis, can be life threatening.

It's vitally important to seek urgent medical attention when dealing with rashes which seem to be out of the ordinary. The rash associated with meningitis is typically a rash that does not fade under pressure. It is commonly referred to as a meningitis rash.

A glass test is generally done, where an empty glass is rolled over the rash, applying pressure. The if the pressure causes the rash to fade, then this could mean the rash is not meningitis septicaemia, however, it is still strongly advised to seek urgent medical attention.

It should also be noted, that not all cases of meningitis produce a rash, with cases of meningitis septicaemia more likely to produce a rash. Please familiarise yourself with meningitis symptoms, as medical literature is available from health professionals, hospitals and the like. If in doubt, contact the emergency services immediately.

Eczema rashes

We found the eczema rashes appeared unpredictably at first and then concentrated around the wrists, ankles, behind the knees and then all over the legs and arms.

I think the spread of eczema was accelerated by the irritation of the initial eczema, which led to our daughter sleep patterns being broken and leaving her in a more general agitated state. This irritability made her scratch more and more, limiting the time for skin to heal and as such caused the eczema to become more prevalent.

It seemed as though her body was trying to fight something but was trying too hard, causing the reactions to appear.

Her skin then started to harden around her ankles, wrists, knees and elbows. This we now know was the eczema status becoming chronic.

It's amazing to look at my daughter now and think she had such chronic eczema. Many people who did not know she had eczema, are surprised when we tell them.