I was going to include eczema pictures of my daughter's eczema on this website but I decided against it. I just felt she was suffering enough and she didn't need to be part of some 'circus'. Maybe it's because I'm somewhat a private person who doesn't really want the world and his dog to know more than they need to know, but it just made me very uncomfortable even just thinking about it.

Yes I could have probably taken before and after photos to show the improvement or in some cases the serious lack on any change but it was just too much to bear. As seeing any pictures of my babies suffering would be too much to bear.

In fact the only pictures of my daughter with her eczema are the routine photos we took as she grew, so some of those include the pictures showing her eczema but there's no photos showing any close ups of her eczema, they are just pictures any parent would have taken as their child grows.

Some of the photos do show the times when her eczema was really bad, especially when her face looked raw red from her continuous scratching and these remind me what she had to go through.

I can understand why some people need to see pictures of eczema, as it may help them see what type of eczema they are dealing with. The easiest ways to find pictures is to go to Google's search page, select 'Images' from the top menu (at the top of the page there is a menu with Web, Images, Videos, Maps, News, Shopping) and type in 'eczema pictures'.

This will bring up pictures from different websites, which can be selected by clicking on the pictures. Remember the pictures are from many different websites, so care is advised to ensure the website is bonafide.

Eczema on face

You can also narrow your search down in Google Images by selecting a specific part of the body, so searching for 'eczema on face' should ideally bring up pictures of eczema on people's faces.

Other searches can include eczema on face or scalp or hands or scalp and so on. Google Images allows you to drill down to pictures related to a specific part of the human body.

Whilst searching for images this way provides some information as to the type of eczema, my doctor actually lent me a medical book with information about eczema including pictures in it.

I can't for the life of me remember what it was called but there are plenty of similar books in many respectable bookshops out there, plus websites such as the like of Amazon and so on.

The book was a great, it showed us the different types of eczema and helped us understand the atopic eczema our daughter was afflicted with. It also showed pictures worse than my daughter's eczema, which whilst whilst being distressing to look at, brought home, how eczema infliction can be very severe in some cases.