There are many eczema herbal remedies available but like most remedies there's little scientific proof to back up any claims these remedies make. Some remedies are touted as wonder cures for eczema which are supposedly made to stop eczema in it's tracks, eradicating it forever.

When we were at our lowest ebb, the temptation to try one of these remedies was a constant threat. Whilst our thoughts were solely focussed in ensuring our daughter didn't have to suffer and as such her well being was of the utmost concern, there was always the thought of considering anything that could could ease her suffering.

It was a challenging situation we faced and I think any parent would succumb to the same thoughts as we were having, if there child was suffering so much.

We remained strong and refrained from using these herbal remedies because in the backs of our minds, we didn't believe what they promised. I think at that point we'd come to understand and appreciate that eczema was incurable and our only option was to try to reduce the suffering, so any remedies making outrageous claims were simply dismissed.

Eczema herbal treatments

The problem with these eczema herbal treatments was that they are not like using a medicine from a reputable pharmaceutical company, where there's the reassurance that the medicine has been through an intense period of research, testing and validation.

How can a comparison be made for a product developed by intellectuals, scientists, doctors and so on at a pharmaceutical company, with a product developed by somebody who potentially has no medical knowledge and has probably cooked up the remedy in their kitchen or garage? It's not a like for like comparison, even more so when the seller of eczema remedies may only be out to make a quick buck.

At least with a pharmaceutical company, there's the reassurance in knowing they've had to invest heavily before getting any return on their investment plus they've had to adhere to severe regulations laid down by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration). Which have stiff penalties against those who fall foul of their regulations.

What's more troublesome is when considering these remedies for a baby, especially when a babies immune system may not be fully developed. Introducing a remedy which isn't fully tested could create more problems than it's trying to solve.

I remember when we wanted to use Piriton to help my daughter sleep better at night but our doctor advised us against it, as Piriton could not be used on children below the age of two. This was reassuring knowing there were strict limits on when medicines could be used with young children, especially babies. Now would the same hold true with these remedies? Such measures probably don't exist and no exhaustive research has been done by the remedy sellers into the implications of using their remedies on young children.

Home made eczema remedies

We heard a story of a young child whose parents tried one of the home made eczema remedies recommended to them by a member of their family. As soon as the remedy was applied, the child's body came out in blotches causing considerable discomfort for the child and the parents too.

It took several days for the child's skin to subside from the blotchiness and the added discomfort. I bet the parents never tried a home remedy again! I would never want to go through something like that, it's bad enough as it is, with having eczema, especially at such a young age.

Aloe Vera for Eczema

We have tried Aloe Vera based creams which we've bought from health shops and this has provided some reduction in the inflammation. But we've only recently started using these and would probably have never considered them, when our daughter was a baby.

It's important too, to make sure these Aloe Vera based creams don't contain anything else which could cause inflammation, so we always check the ingredients and use the internet to research areas which we don't understand. Plus our doctor is always there to help us in those situations where we don't feel comfortable with an ingredient or a particular type of eczema product.