When it came to eczema creams, our first port of call was our doctor. After trying several products recommended by them we were referred to our local hospital where we would see a dermatologist.

I would take my daughter every couple of weeks. My daughter's eczema was quite bad, she would scratch her poor little body so much that it would start to bleed and then be infected, this in turn meant she would be on antibiotics and steroid creams on a continuous basis.

I, like any other parent would worry the affect the antibiotics and steroid cream would have on her, surely the antibiotics must be affecting her immune system in some way, and then the added problem of the steroid creams which thinned out the skin.

Cream strength

We were prescribed high strength creams, I can't remember the exact percentage but they are high to the 0.5% we were using later on. The higher strength creams to provide relief but prolonged use is not recommended and any use should be under the supervision of your doctor.

It's important not to use the higher strength cream on the child's face, as it can cause the skin to develop patches over prolonged use. I used to use low strength cream, very very sparsely on my daughter's face and not everyday, just once or twice a week.


I still use steroid today but only when my daughter's skin does flair up but only 0.05% strength, I've actually 'weaned' her off the steroid, where I used to use it every day, then I cut it down to every other day and so on and so on, now I tend to use it once a week or when she needs it.

When we tried homeopathic medicine, we had to stop using steroids altogether and this caused the eczema flare up and in certain areas of my daughter body, the skin split leading to infection.