Chinese medicine

In the city we live in, we have a specialist Chinese herbal medicine shop in the city centre, which is always advertising various treatments for many differing ailments including eczema. We've walk past the shop nearly every week and there's either a big board outside with a list of treatments Chinese medicine can allegedly cure or a Chinese person handing out leaflets.

On the face of it, the offer of controlling our daughter's eczema was very appealing and after speaking to someone in the shop, we were told of the alleged 'cure' ability of Chinese herbs for eczema.

It all sounded fantastic and considering we were in a desperate situation trying to cope with our daughters eczema, it did seem tempting to try out a few of the herbs. However, as with all the decisions we made about our daughter's treatment, we decided to speak to our doctor for their advice.

Both myself and my husband had a gut feeling that using this type of medicine just wasn't right and the last thing we wanted to do, was make our healthy baby who has eczema into a sick baby with eczema. Doing that to my own baby would leave me inconsolable and never being able to forgive myself.

The doctors thoughts were just as we expected, that is was a risky option and the herbal medicine could do more damage than good. In a way, I think we already knew this but getting a professional opinion to steer us firmly away gave us enormous comfort.

Whilst the doctor had stated there was little harm in trying homeopathic medicine, their stance on Chinese medicine was a lot different. We were told of cases where corticosteroids were being illegally added to Chinese herbal creams which could do a lot of damage. Also because the production of these medicines is not regulated or standardised, it's very difficult to monitor, leading to the difficulty in ascertaining what these medicines actually contain.

Chinese traditional medicines for eczema

Cases in the media where people have died from kidney, liver and heart problems from the use of Chinese medicines also swayed us away from trying these medicines out. For a baby whose organs are still growing, the damage of such medicines could be severe, so much so, that we'd rather struggle with the eczema than contemplate using a medicine from an unregulated source.

At long last we found a bread our daughter can eat, without any allergic reactions! Due to her allergies it has been very difficult to source bread which not only can be toasted but tastes equally as good when made into a sandwich. The majority of bread we have come across can only be eaten once toasted. This can be a pain especially when we go out, as toasted bread tends to become soggy.