Sometimes it's difficult to update my website on a regular basis, so I've decided to create a diary or as the technical people call it, a blog.

Bath additives for child eczema ineffective

5th March 2018

A new study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that emollient additives such as bath oils may not actually help in treating eczema. The study was carried out with a large sample of 483 children aged between 1 to 11 years old to assess the clinical effectiveness of emollient bath additives.

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Eczema and chocolate

10th March 2013

Nestle peppermint Aero chocolate

Thank you Nestle for changing the recipe of your peppermint Aero chocolate. It's helped us immensely, as we now don't need to buy the expensive alternative chocolate from the specialist shops.

Soya Lecithin

You may be aware, my daughter suffers from many allergies which contribute to her eczema flaring up. One of these allergies is to soya and 99.9% of chocolate available seems to contain soya, as an emulsifier called soya lecithin.

We've spent so much money on buying specialist chocolate bars, as much as ten times as much, compared to the cost of normal chocolate over the past few years. Not to mention, having to drive several miles, to a specialist place like an organic shop to get the chocolate.

Sunflower Lecithin

So with Aero peppermint now containing sunflower lecithin instead of soya lecithin, it really is a blessing. No more paying over the odds, no more trapesing miles away and no more having to buy slightly funny tasting chocolate.

My daughter can enjoy chocolate as much as her friends do, without the cost or problems.

Eczema, Allergies and Vaccinations

22nd February 2013

I recently came back from a holiday in the far east and it was a great stress release. The whole family had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I highly recommend Singapore, Bali and Malaysia to anyone.

Before I went, I checked to see if we needed any vaccinations and whether we needed to take malaria tablets. When we went to see the nurse, we told her about our daughter's allergies and she decided not to give her the typhoid and hepatitis vaccinations because of our daughter's egg allergy.

She told us to speak to the pharmacist to find out if the vaccines where egg free, as apparently egg cultures are used in the production of some vaccinations. With varying degrees of egg cultures used depending on the vaccination.

After speaking with the pharmacist, we were told the vaccinations we would need to use for our daughter did not contain any traces of eggs.

When we had the injections our daughter was very brave going to the surgery but when she saw the need she started crying. My husband had to hold her arms tight by locking his arms around her.

We told her not to look at the needle but she kept on looking and this definitely made it worse for her. Bless her, we dried her tears and took her to her favourite restaurants for being brave.

The doctor gave us some malaria drops for my daughter, whilst we had tablets available from the pharmacy.


7th August 2012

Finding the right shampoo for a young child which can deal with an itchy scalp was difficult until our doctor advised us of a new shampoo which has been incredible.

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7th August 2012

At long last we found a bread our daughter can eat, without any allergic reactions! Due to her allergies it has been very difficult to source bread which not only can be toasted but tastes equally as good when made into a sandwich. The majority of bread we have come across can only be eaten once toasted. This can be a pain especially when we go out, as toasted bread tends to become soggy.

The bread in question is available from our local specialist health shop. The bread called "Gluten-free Loaf", made with rice flour. It is wheat, soya, milk and egg free. Although quite expensive, around five pounds a loaf, it is well worth the money.

Bacterial Skin Infection

27th December 2011

Our daughter has been suffering from several bacterial skin infections, which can be a common occurence with eczema sufferers.

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23rd November 2011

More information on recipes for food allergies.

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Sleep problems

5th July 2011

We've struggled with another prolonged episode of poor sleep brought on by the hot weather.

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Carpets and rugs

15th June 2011

I've suspected for a long time that the rug in our living room does not do any justice for my little girls eczema.

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Oily fish for eczema

12th June 2011

I read somewhere of there being a reduction in eczema in those people who ate oily fish regularly.

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Flakey skin

14th May 2011

I picked up my husbands lapdesk (for resting his laptop on his legs) and noticed, loads of what looked like biscuit bits all over it and the surrounding area.

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Arrogant Dermatologist

28th April 2011

We've seen some pretty good dermatologists over the years, those who have not only given us some sound advice but have also shown compassion to our combined predicament of having to deal with our daughter's eczema.

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Back on the steroids

21st April 2011

It's been a while since we had to use steroids but my daughter's ankles and wrists have become very inflamed.

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Eczema and condensation

13th April 2011

I noticed a small amount of black mould forming in the spare bedroom around the windows and whilst trying to find out how to get rid of it, I noticed we had condensation in all our bedrooms, which could cause more black mould to form.

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Eczema creams clogging up clothers dryer

10th April 2011

Our clothes dryer has stopped working again and when the engineer came round to fix it, he sais, the eczema cream we're using is too greasy and has caused the dryer to clog up.

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Eczema and hard water

9th April 2011

I came across some research which points to higher instances of eczema sufferers in hard water areas and as we live in a very hard water area, this research got me thinking.

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Eczema and heating

8th April 2011

We always try to keep our heating down to a minimum as we found it can aggravate my daughters eczema, probably as the heat dehydrates the air, which in turn causes the natural moisture available to my daughter's skin to drop.

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Chicken pox and eczema

4th April 2011

Today I'm very relieved to have come through the past few weeks still smiling. My daughter's bout of chicken pox is clear now and I'm amazed at how well she coped.

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