Discoid Eczema

What is discoid eczema?

My husband in the past few years has had a number of coin shaped areas of irritable skin, which are red and inflammed appearing on his legs. This discoid eczema can be uncomfortable and treatment can involve steroid based creams. The coin shaped (sometimes oval) plaques have well defined edges and are generally made up of tiny raised red spots on a reddish base.

Whilst my husband hasn't managed to clear himself of this eczema, he's managed to get it under control using the creams suggested by our doctor and I think again knowing what form of eczema is troubling someone can be a step in dealing with it.

This type of eczema is also known as nummular eczema and it's rare in children but can be common in adults.

Whilst my husband was afflicted on his lower legs, this type of eczema can also affect the upper body including the hands, arms and abdomen area.


My husband found by limiting his exposure to dry environments such as those with central heating for prolonged periods allowed some restbite. However, this can be difficult in working environments where you don't have control over the level of heating, in such cases my husband takes frequent breaks, going outside into the open air to relieve the effects of discoid eczema.

I think we decided to contact the sleep therapist not because she was also a nurse, but because we were desperate and anything that could help without risking my daughters health was worth considering.