Carpets and rugs

Reactions to carpets

Iíve suspected for a long time that the rug in our living room does not do any justice for my little girls eczema. As I have seen her go crazy with a frenzied scratching attack when she sits on the rug.

To alleviate this, we have been very vocal in ensuring, our little girl does not sit on the rug to play and on some ocassions we put the rug away.

Whilst this has helped incredibly, lately we have come to learn that at my little girlís school, her scratching exhibits the same frenzy as she did at home. This only occurs because she has to sit on the floor when the teacher is reading stories to all the kids in the class and the dust or whatever it is, aggravates her eczema, just as it did with the rug.

So I have spoken to the teachers and they have allowed my daughter to sit on a chair whilst the group reading is taking place. Hopefully this will reduce the itching and scratching.

Incidentally one of the teachers said, the reaction was probably caused by the latex in the carpets and rugs, which aggravates those children who have a soya allergy, just like my daughter. Again, this is something which I can not get validated scientifically but itís something I will keep in mind.