Bacterial Skin infection

Skin infections?

We've enjoyed months of being in the eczema free zone, through our use of various emollients and reducing the allergy trigger factors.

However, recently we noticed what looked like spots on our daughters face and around her neck. Initially it looked like large measle spots but a trip to the doctor revealed something less serious but still problematic.

The situation wasn't helped by our daughter scratching these spots and making them bleed and ooze pus. In fact, at times my daughter's complexion seemed so tainted by these spots, it made me feel really low.

The doctor told us because we'd done such a good job of keeping the eczema at bay, that we'd sort of opened the door to a bacterial skin infection, probably due to lapses in hygiene. Such as not washing the hands probably after using the bathroom, or maybe using towels which may have had a bacterial build up.

Another possibility could have been a bacterial build up around the shower head, but all in all it was difficult to tell. Lapses in hygiene, probably not at home, maybe at school perhaps? When children are enjoying themselves at school painting, drawing, playing, the last thing on their minds is washing their hands properly after using the bathroom. To them it's just wasting precious fun time.

Anyway, I'm not going beat myself up over what's happened, I'll do what I can with the help of my husband, to try to reduce the chances of it happening again.

The infection has now receded after using the course of prescribed antibiotics and a special cream.

A local drop in centre ran counselling on a voluntary but limited basis and I was at my wits end trying to cope. I made the 'no brainer' decision to try the counselling service as it offered me possibly some salvation from my problems.