Baby Eczema Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicines

I tried baby eczema Homeopathic medicine to relieve my daughter's eczema and to be truthful I'm not sure whether it actually worked. Our local homeopathic practitioner who was incredibly supportive, gave my daughter several tablets to be taken at various times during the week.

I had stopped using the so called 'western medicines' such as the steroid creams and special ointments and had opted to give 'eastern medicine' a chance. I felt as though I'd given them my best shot with the likes of the steroid creams and just wanted to see if anything else could help bring the eczema under control.

Maybe this could be construed as an act of a desperate woman, well I'm glad I gave homeopathic medicine a try, as I think the change may have helped somewhat.

Homeopathy Treatment

The homeopathy treatment lasted several months and the changes to my daughters eczema were minimal. The homeopath explained how homeopathic medicine works, by trying to get the problem to surface instead of subduing it, as the steroids do. They warned that the eczema may get worse before it got better, as the body would try to get rid of the eczema.

Again, I'm unsure whether it did really get worse but after several months of trying, I opted to go back to the original approach, of using steroids and emoillients.

A few months after this, the eczema improved dramatically, to a point where you'd be hard pressed to believe my daughter had ever suffered severe eczema.

Homeopathic Therapy

This homeopathic therapy in no way endorses homeopathic medicine or does it endorse the use of steroids and emoillients in favour of this alternative approach. Maybe my daughter just outgrew the eczema rapidly or maybe one of the treatments or a combination of treatments speeded up the process of the eczema being out grown. It's also perfectly possible the results were psychosomatic, in that my belief and my daughter's probable belief in homeopathic medicine, actually made us believe in this approach.

Many people have been cured of illness from having faith, be it a higher power or actually beating what they're facing. Maybe that same belief, gave my daughter the belief that the medicines we tried were actually working.